Ultra-Cut Casing Cutter

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Ultra-cut was essentially a dormant technology prior to DPP being called in to assist. DPP's role in bringing Ultra-Cut to a broader market has been:

  • Identifying application opportunities
  • Alliancing with JV partners prior to marketting
  • Developing a pricing structure
  • Preparation of an Investment Memorandum
  • Currently developing business plan


The technology:

Ultra-Cut is a proprietary, proven, high precision abrasive fluid jetting technology with the capability of cutting through multiple layers of steel, cement and formation rock in a single trip.

The technology is patented with patents including multiple axis, computer controlled operation of the bottom-hole assembly.

Field trials have shown that Ultra-cut does not require an air pocket at the cutting site and can achieve full performance in a fully liquid filled environment. This eliminates the need for traditional rotating nozzles. Removing mechanically moving parts from the design provides an inherent improvement in reliability.

Ultra-cut can be programmed to slot, cut or disintegrate steel into many forms – from large retrievable coupons down to iron oxide compound. The latest development of this technology allows it to be used as a rigless operation.

Ultra-cut applications include:

  • Direct abrasive drilling
  • Accessing bypassed behind-casing pay zones
  • Casing slotting
  • Window cutting
  • Deep penetration perforating
  • Sidetrack kick-off point preparation
  • Removal of downhole obstructions / stuck tools
  • 360 deg multi axis cutting for abandonment

Speed and accuracy of cut are a specific feature of the technology giving cut characteristics that are clean and environmentally friendly (only water and abrasives used).